Building Resilience Since 2006

Who We are and What We Do

LFY works to support all children and teens in the development of strong inner resources. Our goal is to help kids, and the adults who care for them, thrive in the world regardless of circumstances, and navigate the many challenges they face with a sense of personal power and self-awareness.

We believe in helping children embrace their full potential and live their lives with joy, knowing that the world holds great wonders for them and that they have great gifts to share with the world. We want children to thrive in school and out, be engaged in their lives and ready to learn.

To that end, we share yoga and mindfulness based practices that give children full access to the resources of their body, breath and mindset, and do so within the context of compassionate, respectful relationships.

Programming is available for students, educators, parents and allied professionals. LFY programs and resources challenges students to learn in new ways, make connections internally and externally, and recognize their tremendous capacity to achieve.

Founded by Jennifer Cohen Harper in NYC in 2006, LFY was one of the first organizations offering comprehensive yoga and mindfulness services to schools, designed to be integrated into the classroom with the goals of improving learning readiness and supporting social and emotional skill building.

Through our School Yoga Project, based in New York, we serve children, teens, teachers and entire school communities with direct service programming and a variety of professional development opportunities. Individuals and education institutions around the world can access our teacher certification program, online learning courses and resources such as card decks and workbooks.

LFY is dedicated to serving all people effectively and compassionately, while honoring their strengths and learning from our students every day. Our leadership team works hard to ensure our programming and content is healing centered, trauma informed and culturally competent.

We welcome participants of every race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, or ability, and actively work to translate resources and increase accessibility as need arises.

LFY is proud to be MWBE (minority and women owned business) certified in New York State and New York City, and a NYC DOE vendor.

Why We Do This Work

Our Mission

Help kids, and those who support them, thrive in the world regardless of circumstances, and navigate the many challenges they face with a sense of personal power and self-awareness.

Provide tools that help children + teens navigate physical, mental and emotional barriers to learning, including managing distractions and building emotional regulation skills.

Create environments of respect and encouragement, where children can safely learn essential relationship skills, becoming more attuned to their own and others needs.

Our Methodology



Cultivate connection to, and awareness of, yourself, others and the world around you.



Harness the power of your breath to manage your energy and soothe your nervous system.



Build a sense of personal power, learn to read the messages of your body, and activate your brain for learning.



Learn to notice when you’re distracted, bring your attention back, and minimize rumination and intrusive thoughts.



Restore alertness, manage over stimulation and improve sleep quality.

Our Reach

Since 2006 we have worked directly with over 600 schools in the NYC area, bringing programming to over 130,000 students, and almost 7000 classroom teachers. Our programs and resources have reached millions more, and through our thousands of training graduates have impacted students around the world.

Meet Our Team

The work of LFY is supported by a powerful team of leaders and educators, with diverse backgrounds and experiences in education, mindfulness, yoga, the arts, psychology, communication and much more.

With over 30 folks teaching kids, training adults, creating content, supporting operations, and more, we have the ability to reach children and adults with diverse backgrounds and needs, and in varied locations.

While our team’s power is rooted in our differences, and our ability to bring our heads and hearts together to create a sum greater than it’s parts, we all share a dedication to serving children, educators and families with compassion, respect and ultimately with love.

Core Team and Trainers

School Yoga Project Teachers

Guest Teachers