Our Team

Nathalie Monin Voeller

School Wellness Project

Nathalie is a certified Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. Combining her passion for movement and philosophy, Nathalie believes that the most important thing with kids is “to rise up to the height of their feelings” (dixit the pedagogue Janusz Korzak). Her classes are an invitation to explore movements, sounds, colors, smells and breaths mindfully.
French with a Caribbean background, she holds a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in Semiotics from the University of Paris V. She practiced dance for 7 years before starting yoga 15 years ago after giving birth to her daughter. She still remembers her mom’s comment after her first yoga class “I don’t know what you did today but this is really good for you!”
A nature lover, Nathalie makes it a priority to reconnect with her inner peace by walking along the shore. Her areas of interest include working with children and teachers to foster balance and harmony in communities. She is deeply engaged in the School Yoga Project in pre-schools, public schools in Westchester and the Bronx. Her energy is mainly directed toward programs and activities that foster creativity, personal growth and collaboration.