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Dedicated to making the tools of yoga and mindfulness available to all children and teens



Embrace Joy,
Build Resilience

Our mission is to help kids thrive in the world regardless of circumstances, and navigate the many challenges they face with a sense of personal power and self awareness.

We share embodied mindfulness practices that cultivate inner resources, maximize resilience, and support the healthy navigation of challenges.

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Our Programs

We share yoga and mindfulness based practices that give children full access to the resources of their body, breath and mindset, and do so within the context of compassionate, respectful relationships. Programming and resources are available for students, educators, parents and allied professionals.

Teacher Certification

Learn to share yoga + mindfulness with children 3-18 years old in our trainings offered around the world and online.

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Online Learning

Accessible webinars and online courses on a wide variety of topics, include options ranging from 90 minute webinars to entire 20+ hour training courses.

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The School Wellness Project

Workshops for school staff, chair or mat-based yoga + mindfulness classes for PK through HS (right in the classroom), and resources for the whole school community.

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A Step by Step Map

Jennifer Cohen Harper is a gentle and experienced guide into the artful practice and practical science of yoga for children. Little Flower Yoga offers a step-by-step map to help you make this body-centered mindfulness practice a regular part of your life with the kids you care for.

Dr. Daniel Siegel, author of The Whole Brain Child and Brainstorm

Stress is an epidemic in our society.

Kids not only carry the stress of their own lives, but also absorb the anxiety that comes from the adults closest to them. This program is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers to teach our kids the essential life skills they need to thrive in a world that grows more complicated by the day. I highly recommend Little Flower Yoga for anyone who wants to teach their child how to be happy, healthy and well balanced.

Tim Ryan, U.S. Congressman

My students love our visits from Little Flower Yoga.

Little Flower Yoga's School Yoga Project offers an accessible and exceedingly well-thought out approach that supports children and teachers in finding ease, strength, self-awareness and joy.

Elizabeth Slade, Public School Teacher

A great resource for clinicians, educators and parents.

I love how accessible and practical this workbook is. The clean layout and valuable content make it a great resource for clinicians, educators, and parents. There is a great deal of science suggesting that the way we move our bodies impacts our emotions. This workbook will help kids move their bodies to build emotional regulation.

Tina Payne Bryson, PhD, LCSW, Co-Author Whole-Brain Child, No-Drama Discipline

A sweet book I wish I had as a kid!

It's a great resource for children as well as parents, teachers, and clinicians. It's a great resource for children as well as parents, teachers, and clinicians.

Rick Hanson, PhD, NYT's bestselling author of Buddha's Brain, Just One Thing and Hardwiring Happiness

Simple to do yet powerful in their impact

The Yoga and Mindfulness Practices for Children Card Deck is a FABULOUS resource for children, their parents, teachers, coaches. Beautifully illustrated, the practices offered are simple to do yet powerful in their impact. With clear instructions for each practice, and sensible suggestions for organizing into lengthier programs, this teaching tool is a bona fide treasure.

Linda Graham, MFT, author of Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being

I have been an educator for 30+ years and this was one of THE best trainings I have ever attended

The presenters are impassioned individuals who have deep respect for children and their development and share their passion, tools and resources with grace, intelligence and humor. They created a safe space for us to learn, experiment, ask questions and make mistakes. They also facilitated time for us to reflect, collaborate and nurture ourselves. TOP NOTCH!!!

Laurie Mortrude, Teacher

An Inspiring Resource

Little Flower Yoga for Kids is a wonderful introduction to present-moment awareness and mindfulness through a grounded and playful yoga practice. It is an inspiring resource for children and their parents.

Sharon Salzberg, Author Real Happiness

The whole LFY training experience has been incredible

I'm loving teaching yoga and mindfulness to my students. I still have so much to learn and practice but you've given me such a strong foundation. I'm incredibly grateful to you all!

Carone Weigel, Teacher

If you teach kids any form of social and emotional learning, you have to take this training

This has to be the best kids Yoga & Mindfulness training in the country. In taking other trainings, even at the college level, it doesn't compare to the efficacy in presenting that LFY shows, and the skill base you develop. Well thought out and thorough training. Superb online resources for further development. If you teach kids any form of social and emotional learning, you have to take this training.

Lou Redmond, Mindfulness Educator & Author, RYT

Online Teacher Training

Our entire Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training teacher is available online!

Twice a year we open registration for a certification cohort, during which you’ll experience a fully supported online experience, complete with video content, livestream workshops, office hours, discussion groups and Q&A calls. This is an engaging and interactive experience during which you’ll learn to share yoga and mindfulness with young people from 3-18.



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Hear from our students and schools, learn practices for children and adults, explore articles and resources on a variety of relevant topics.



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A little About our Team

Meet The Team

The work of LFY is supported by a powerful team of leaders and educators, with diverse backgrounds and experiences in education, mindfulness, yoga, the arts, psychology, communication and much more.

With 33 folks teaching kids, training adults, creating content, supporting operations, and more, we have the ability to reach children and adults with diverse backgrounds and needs, and in varied locations.

While our team’s power is rooted in our differences, and our ability to bring our heads and hearts together to create a sum greater than it’s parts, we all share a dedication to serving children, educators and families with compassion, respect and ultimately with love.

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