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Join us for a wide variety of ways to learn from home, gaining skills and insight to support your students and clients.

We offer a series of live stream workshops with incredible guest teachers each month, as well as a library of recorded workshops and courses ranging from 75 minutes to 6 hours of content. We are now proud to offer our Teacher Training online in collaboration with Yoga International. If you are a teacher looking for CE, P- or graduate credit, you may want to explore our longer online courses, which take you on an journey that includes video content, discussion groups, reflection questions, learning resources and more. If you have questions about which options are right for you, please reach out to us anytime! Happy learning and teaching.

Upcoming Interactive Webinars and Online Courses

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Online Courses for Graduate and CE Credit

We’ve created two online courses to help you develop your own mindfulness practice, and step by step integrate it into your teaching. Both courses include a wide variety of video and audio practices for yourself and your students to help you establish a sustainable and consistent practice.

Based on location courses qualify for graduate credit, continuing education, CTLE, P-credits and salary advancement.


Developing Students’ Mindfulness Practices to Support Engagement, Self-Regulation and Achievement

Learn mindfulness based strategies to increase responsiveness to students’ social-emotional and instructional needs, as well as help develop 21st century skills.


Mindful Pedagogy: Strategies for Creating Compassionate and Purposeful Learning Spaces

Learn how establishing a personal mindfulness practice can support your efficacy in the classroom, including classroom management and self-care.