Our Team

Susan Verde

School Wellness Project

Susan Verde has made yoga and mindfulness practices a part of her life for over a decade. She earned a degree in elementary education and a Master’s in Reading Remediation and spent many years teaching in the elementary school system on the East End of Long Island. Upon the birth of her 3 children Susan took time off from the classroom to be at home. Stressful times led Susan back to the mat with a fuller commitment and she began to really see and feel the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness. Knowing that children deal with many stressful and overwhelming situations themselves Susan had the desire to bring yoga and mindfulness into the lives of children as a way to cope, move, breath and connect to the joy that should be theirs. In addition to teaching, Susan is the author of the best-selling series I Am Yoga, I Am Peace, and #1 NY Times bestseller, I Am Human. Through her writing, yoga, teaching and parenting Susan believes in the importance of every child’s voice and that possibilities are endless.