Life Skills for PK & K-12 schools. Build resilience, improve emotional balance and increase attention, with joyful and engaging programming and resources.

The Content

What We Teach

Today’s students face tremendous pressure to achieve within a world that is often overwhelming. We offer programming designed to build the inner resilience needed to navigate physical, mental and emotional stress, and overcome barriers to learning. Our five element structure seamlessly integrates the best of yoga and mindfulness, to provide comprehensive content, create a predictable rhythm to programming, and support ease and consistency of implementation.

The Five Elements of the School Yoga Project

What We Offer

Innovative programs for entire school communities that build resilience, improve emotional balance, teach social and emotional learning skills and help kids navigate distractions. Our curriculum has been refined over 13 years of teaching thousands of children and educators, and incorporates up to date research and best practices.

Student Programming

  • Desk (Chair) based classes, and short classroom push-in’s from 15-60 minutes
  • Mat based classes
  • Assemblies and special events
  • Card decks and workbooks

Professional Development

  • Staff professional development workshop series (in-person and online)
  • Self care for educators course
  • Mindful Mondays program
  • Private consultation (school leadership development and coaching)
  • Resources including card decks, workbooks, posters and more

Mental Health Support

  • LFY certification
  • Topic specific assemblies (i.e. resilience, anxiety, stress management, test prep)
  • Small group targeted interventions
  • Customized training and support for school based social workers, counselors, school resource officers and others

Family Engagement

  • Family yoga and mindfulness classes
  • Parent yoga and mindfulness classes
  • Parent education workshops
  • Customized special events
  • Take home resources

How Do Schools Implement Our Program?

A Look Inside An SYP School

Learn more about our mindfulness and yoga programming from the students and staff at some of our partner schools.

In the greater NYC area we offer both mat and chair/desk based yoga + mindfulness classes for students, and in person professional development workshops for teachers and school staff. Outside of NY we work with schools worldwide to provide training, resources and consultation, both in-person and virtually.




Bring Our Teachers to Your School

Student Programming

The School Yoga Project offers yoga + mindfulness classes for preschool through high school students, designed to help kids thrive in the world regardless of circumstances, and navigate the many challenges they face with a sense of personal power and self-awareness. We’ll send you a certified teacher for mat or desk based classes and push-in’s before, during or after school, along with simple support materials for classroom teachers and parents.

What’s Included

  • Quality instruction by a certified LFY yoga and mindfulness teacher
  • Dynamic and engaging classes rooted in the 5-element LFY methodology, designed to support social emotion learning
  • Administrative support for program set up, scheduling, and coordination
  • Pre- and post program student and teacher surveys to assess student needs and program impact
  • Professional development for assigned instructor including ongoing coaching and mentorship, and review of feedback from site visits
  • A customized program announcement letter for parent and school distribution
  • Optional enrollment in our Mindful Mondays educational program, providing weekly tools for schools and teachers to implement simple yoga and mindfulness practices in the classroom
  • A resource guide from your curriculum unit featuring core activities to be used at home or in school
  • Absolute committment to your kids and the entire school community

SYP Programming

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum emphasizes practical life skills. In a step-by-step manner we explore navigating challenges and making decisions in ways that meet our own needs while also considering and caring for the needs of others. Students have the opportunity to both give and receive support, learn how to reflect on their actions and impact, and find intrinsic motivation for good decision making.

Unit 1

Building Awareness of Myself, Others & My Environment

Orients students to their internal experience, recognizing that self awareness is a building block of self management. Introduces ways to compassionately understand others. This unit incorporates the SEL competencies of self-awareness and social awareness.

Unit 2

Understanding my Thoughts & Feelings

Builds student capacity to better understand their emotions and focus their attention. Offers practices to integrate body, nervous system and mind to maximize engagement. This unit incorporates the SEL competencies of self-awareness, self-management and decision making.

Unit 3

Navigating Challenges & Difficult Emotions

Strengthens resilience and teaches students effective ways to manage anxiety, build a strong sense of personal power, and reduce feelings of overwhelm. This unit incorporates the SEL competencies of self-awareness, self-management and responsible decision making.

SYP Programming

Scheduling Options

SYP programming is scheduled either for the full school year, or in three nine-week cycles over the course of the school year, with options to start classes in Sept/Oct, Jan, or April. Instructors are scheduled at schools for a minimum of 3 hours per site visit, and can serve 1-3 classrooms per hour based on schedule and program type.



Session runs from late Sept. or early Oct through early Dec, with options for make up dates at the end of cycle.


Session runs from early Jan through mid March, with options for make up dates at the end of cycle.


Session runs from early April through mid June, with options for make up dates at the end of cycle.


Summer programming is available with flexible scheduling for schools and camps.

Little Flower has proven itself to be ground breaking for inner city youth – a multicultural, dynamic, eye-opening, and different experience. The curriculum was very diverse in its teaching. Keep up the great work!

Shakina Shaw

Harlem Children's Zone

Build Internal Capacity

Teacher Development

Help make your students’ lives mentally and physically healthier, and your school climate more respectful, compassionate and peaceful. Help your students maintain focus and concentration, reduce stress, regulate their emotions and become more engaged in learning. Our staff development workshops give you tools to integrate yoga and mindfulness practices into your students lives immediately and effectively. No yoga experience or special equipment necessary!

Self Care for Teachers

When teachers have strong self-care practices, a community of support, and administrators that put their wellness high on the priority list, they are more effective educators. Job satisfaction improves, turn-over is reduced,  and school communities thrive.

  • Self-Care Training
  • Staff yoga + mindfulness classes
  • Wellness events
  • Retreat days for faculty

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Tools for the Classroom

This training program (taught in eight 60-90 minute workshops in-person or online) teaches educators over 35 essential practices, and a structured framework for how to quickly and effectively integrate them into the busy school day.

  • Introduction to Yoga + Mindfulness
  • Aware, Attuned and Engaged: Building Educator Effectiveness
  • Connect: Understanding Yourself and Others
  • Breathe: Self Regulation and Emotional Balance
  • Move: Engaged Your Body, Engage Your Mind
  • Focus: Navigate Distraction and Hone Attention
  • Relax: Reduce Over-Stimulation and Rest the Body and Mind
  • Putting it All Together: Creating Solutions for Your Classroom

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Specialty Programs

These innovative programs dive deeper into essential topics that impact 21st century students and educators, and use creative learning strategies to build capacity and support diverse needs.

  • Mindfulness Based Classroom Management
  • Trainings for PE and Health Educators
  • Trauma Informed Teaching Practices
  • Navigating Student Anxiety
  • Lesson Studies
  • LFY Certification

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Build Your Career

Online Courses for Graduate and CE Credit

We’ve created two online courses to help you develop your own mindfulness practice, and step by step integrate it into your teaching. Both courses include a wide variety of video and audio practices for yourself and your students to help you establish a sustainable and consistent practice.

Based on location courses qualify for graduate credit, continuing education, CTLE, P-credits and salary advancement.

  • Developing Students’ Mindfulness Practices to Support Engagement, Self-Regulation, and Achievement
  • Mindful Pedagogy: Strategies for Creating Compassionate and Purposeful Learning Spaces

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My colleagues, fellow teachers, and administrators have been amazed by Little Flower Yoga's services. Recently, a long-time mindfulness teacher and our curriculum director observed a session led by a staff member from Little Flower Yoga and they were incredibly pleased with the outcome. I am confident that the staff at Little Flower Yoga is capable of meeting the needs of students in order to help them learn tools to manage their stress, become more mindful, and learn self-care skills.

Minu Thomas

School Psychologist, Bronxville Union Free School District

Support Your Community

Family Engagement

When you engage families, students learning opportunities are magnified and relationships are strengthened. Schools take their rightful place in the center of the community, and everyone benefits. Our family engagement programming builds the same life skills as our student and educator content, delivered with love by our leadership team who are all parents themselves.

  • Family Yoga + Mindfulness Classes

    All ages programming that brings families together

  • Caregiver Yoga + Mindfulness Classes

    Classes that help parents and caregivers restore energy and build resilience

  • Parent Education Workshops

    Give caregivers concrete skills to use at home for themselves and their children

  • Customized Special Events

    Programming for events, presentations for back to school night, let us know how we can support your community

  • Take Home Resources

    A variety of materials to share with your community



Little Flower Yoga has provided and is continuing to provide large scale trainings to faculty and staff at the Pelham Schools. The participants of the training were very engaged throughout the entire experience and were clearly motivated by what they learned as they were observed to implement their new tools immediately in their own classrooms. These trainings have really spring-boarded a change in the culture throughout our schools.

Tiziana Didonna

School Psychologist, Pelham Union Free School District

Increase Resilience

Mental Health Support

Mindfulness and yoga-based techniques have been shown to increase attention; improve self-regulation and self-esteem; increase coping; decrease levels of depressive symptoms, stress, and anxiety; and create a sense of calm in children of all ages. The School Yoga Project supports sites and school-based providers including social workers, occupational therapists, counselors, special education professionals  and psychologists. We provide training and support to clinical teams and targeted classes and assemblies for students. 

  • Teacher Training
  • CE Courses
  • Small group targeted interventions
  • Topic based assemblies
  • Customized training support
  • Consultation

My students love our visits from Little Flower Yoga. My colleagues have learned powerful practices that have become part of daily classroom life. Students, teachers, and families have learned tools for self-regulation, kindness, and focus.

Elizabeth Slade

Teacher Mamaroneck, NY Public Schools

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Most Asked FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a DOE vendor?

    Yes. We are an approved NYC DOE vendor. Our vendor ID is LIT 79-7777. 

  • Is your organization MWBE certified?

    Yes, we are currently NYC and NY State MWBE certified.  

  • Are your Teachers Certified?

    Yes. All of our teachers are certified yoga instructors and have additionally completed our 95-hour Little Flower Yoga teacher training, giving them the skills to make all yoga practices safe and engaging for children and teens. Some are certified classroom teachers or adult yoga teachers as well. 

  • How can I connect with someone to discuss a program plan and receive a quote for our site?

    We would love to connect with you. Please email and someone from our team will get back in touch to schedule a FREE 15-30 minute phone consultation to learn more about your needs and prepare a quote for your review. 

  • What locations can this program serve?

    Currently, we provide on-site programming in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Westchester, and parts of New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, Rockland, Putnam, and Dutchess counties based on our instructor availability. 

    Additionally, our training team travels out of this area for professional development programs and training. We also provide a number of our trainings as online courses that can be scheduled privately with our team or schools can opt to purchase group licenses for our online courses for teachers to move through at their own pace. 

    How can this program support schools outside of the NYC area? How does this work? 

    There are several ways we support schools outside of the NY area. 

    • Our training team travels out of the NY area for professional development programs and trainings. (supplemental travel fees apply). 
    • Our full 8-workshop professional development training package is available as an online course that can be scheduled privately with our team as a virtual classroom, or schools can opt to purchase group licenses for teachers to move through at their own pace. 
    • We offer two online courses for CE credit and graduate credit. Discounted group licenses are available for schools purchasing the course for 10 or more teachers. 
    • Schools can purchase licenses for our Mindful Mondays web app which offers 25+ weeks of content including articles, video and audio practices, downloadable worksheets for students and a systematic way to implement mindfulness in your school culture. 
  • How long are classes?

    Options are available for 30-60 minutes for mat-based classes and as little as 15 minutes for desk-based classes. We require a minimum booking of two hours, and you can use that time for 2-6 groups. For longer days, we can work with up to 14 groups per day. Five minutes of transition time is needed between classes and a minimum 30-minute lunch break for site bookings of 4 or more hours. 

  • What kind of space and equipment do we need for this program?

    For mat-based classes, we need one set of mats for the largest class that we will be serving. Mats can be shared between classes, and we recommend purchasing 5-10 extra mats in the event of damage. Our office can assist you in ordering high-quality, affordable mats for your schools at an additional price which can be built into your program fee. We also need a space that is large enough to spread our the mats for each student. Common choices for space include a gymnasium or dance studio, multipurpose room, and auditorium stage.  For desk-based classes, we don’t need any additional equipment. 

  • Does your program provide professional development for schools?

    We offer a comprehensive professional development program taught over eight 60-120 minute workshops. Though this program, teachers will learn over 35 mindfulness, movement, and breath-based tools that can easily be integrated into the classroom in a simple, effective way. Each workshop includes: 

    • A short mindfulness practice to support teacher well-being
    • Exploration of a specific aspect of yoga+mindfulness, with reference to current research and connections made to social-emotional learning goals. 
    • 5-6 new activities to integrate into the classroom, including a resource guide with scripts for each practice. 
    • A discussion of practical applications of the new activity set, and adaptations for different student ageists learning environments and needs. 

    Workshops can be taught live in-person or virtually, over our interactive web-based learning platform. 

    Recording packages (including workshop video, copies of handouts, and bonus audio recordings of practices) are available for schools that wish to make the series available to future hires or folks who can’t attend the live offering.

  • Does your program have any free resources for schools or teachers?

    All schools, teachers, and clinicians are eligible to receive our free program, Mindful Mondays. It’s a six-week program used by over 3000 participants around the world who are working to create a mindfulness culture in their schools and classrooms.

    You receive an email each week on Sunday night for six weeks with simple and practical mindfulness practices to use with your students each week, resource articles, suggested reading, downloadable worksheets to use in your classroom and video practices to support self-care. You can sign up here. 

    Additionally, after the 6- weeks, schools can opt to purchase licenses for their teachers to continue the program with Mindful Mondays + for a low cost of $35-$65 per year (based on the number of teachers enrolled) or individuals can register for the program for $65 to receive access to the full portal including over 27 weeks of dynamic content.

  • When can we start?

    Student programs run in nine-week cycles, with start times in Sept/Oct, Jan and April. Assemblies and special events may be booked at any time subject to availability. 

  • Can this program be integrated into the school day?

    Yes. Our teachers are available for school day or after-school classes. We also offer a staff development program that will train your faculty to implement this program in an infusion style that incorporates yoga and mindfulness activities throughout the school day. 

  • What ages is this program appropriate for?

    Our teachers are trained to work with students from preschool through HS, and modify the activities and language of the curriculum according to students’ needs. 

  • Can the curriculum be modified for specific needs?

    Yes. We are happy to work with you to make sure we are meeting your students’ needs in the most effective way possible. Many of our teachers have experience working with students with a variety of physical, developmental and emotional challenges. 

  • How many students can be in each class?

    We recommend a max of 15 students in mat based classes; however, we will gladly accommodate larger groups with an assistant (either provided by you or by us). Desk-based classes can be larger, and we’ll make decisions together on a case by case basis.

  • How can my school train our teachers in yoga and mindfulness?

    There are a few ways that schools opt to provide training to their teachers and clinical staff. 

    • PD Program Package: We offer a comprehensive professional development program taught over eight 60-120 minute workshops. Though this program, teachers will learn over 35 mindfulness, movement, and breath-based tools that can easily be integrated into the classroom in a simple, effective way. 
    • Online Courses: We offer seven dynamic courses for schools. Schools can register teachers individually for these courses or receive discounted licenses for 10 or more teachers. These courses include: 
      • A Mindful Pedagogy: Strategies for Creating Compassionate and Purposeful Learning Spaces (45-hour online course, 3 graduate credits and CE credit available) 
      • Developing Students’ Mindfulness Practice to Support Engagement, Self-Regulation, and Achievement (45-hour online course, 3 graduate credits and CE credit available)
      • Chair Yoga for Educators and Clinicians: Get Kids Moving and Ready to Learn (6-hour online course) 
      • Navigating Anxiety in Children: Meeting Stress with Inner Strength (6-hour online course) 
      • Supporting the Special Needs Child: Guidelines and Practices for Yoga + Mindfulness (6-hour online course) 
      • Trauma-Informed Teaching: Resilience, Recovery, and Growth: (6-hour online course)
      • Curriculum Development: Creating Effective Yoga and Mindfulness Programs for Youth (6-hour online course)
  • How do schools pay for your program?

    We are a NYC vendor, and many schools opt to pay for the program through their schools budget for professional development, materials, family engagement, mental health, social-emotional learning, or student services. Additionally, we work with many PTA’s and school who have received grants for the program or can use funding through our minority-women-owned business status. (MWBE) 

  • How can your program support our families and parents?

    We provide ongoing yoga and mindfulness programs for parents, parents educational workshops and family yoga events. Please email for a topic list and price list for family engagement events in the NYC metro area. 

  • Can our school or community-based organization order products in bulk for our classrooms?

    Yes, we accept purchase orders and credit card payments for schools purchasing products in bulk (20+.) Please email for a bulk pricing sheet and to place an order. 

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