Our Team

Danyelle “TYGR” Vilmenay

School Wellness Project

Danyelle “Tygr” Vilmenay is a children’s yoga instructor, with a unique, creative mind and warm spirit. She takes her students on “Adventures in TYGRLND” through playful visualization, asana and breathing.

Danyelle’s youthful sensibility and healing interests stem from her grandmother, who was a social worker. At a young age, Danyelle learned the importance of feeling rooted, even amidst traumatic conditions. She started on her mentoring path at the age of 16 with Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Danyelle’s passions developed as a substitute teacher, summer counselor, and later, a director of children’s education and activities for a local nonprofit. Danyelle formally co-hosted a radio show for teen girls to develop high self esteem through physical fitness, and led her own mentoring program for teen boys throughout NYC.

Danyelle helps young people find stability through creative expression, mindfulness and meditation. Danyelle emphasizes self-love as the means for healing inner turmoil, bullying and peer or societal pressure.