Our Team

Margot Harris

School Wellness Project

Margot holds a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, and a Masters of Science in Literacy education. A graduate with honors from SUNY Cortland, and Long Island University at C.W. Post, she always knew that teaching was her calling. Margot has over 20 years experience working with children, first as a teaching assistant, then as a lead teacher, and now as a yoga and mindfulness educator. Margot spent her years teaching early childhood in both the UPK and head start settings. With no regrets, she transitioned to teaching yoga and mindfulness full time during the 2016-2017 school year.

She began her yoga journey as a college student just looking for new ways to move and relieve stress. As a dancer for many years, she was drawn to the flow of the movements. But, yoga provided a new level of connection to self that she didn’t anticipate. Yoga transcended movements, and gave her a new sense of body and breath awareness that she’d never experienced, as well as an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Since then, her practiced ebbed and flowed over the years, but became a staple again during a tough school year in 2008. She began to offer yoga to her Pre-K students once a month, and for two weeks straight during heart health month each year. It became her favorite part of the school year. Seeing 3-5 year olds connect to their breath, self regulate, slow down, and experiment with asana brought an intense joy and sense of purpose to Margot. She started added practices to the students’ daily routines, with the blessing of the school and education managers. Even though she doesn’t teach Pre-K anymore, serving students in this age group is still at the core of her passion.

Since becoming a Little Flower Yoga certified teacher in June of 2015, she has been honored to serve and empower youth and educators as a part of LFY’s school yoga project. Additionally, she teaches with several other agencies, schools, gyms, and libraries across Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn, NY. Margot has always been passionate about helping others, especially underserved populations and at risk youth. Her favorite places to teach are head starts, and SCO family services. Recently, she’s enjoyed studying with her trainers and mentors at Little Flower to teach professional developments to teachers and school support staff as well as be a curriculum consultant for SYP teachers serving Pre-Kindergarteners.

Margot is grateful that yoga and mindfulness can be more than just a hobby and personal practice. She’s excited for each day, and what each moment brings. She looks forward to continuing her journey with Little Flower and remaining open and curious about herself, and this important work.