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Doreen Breen

Core Team

Doreen Breen, joined the administrative team of LFY in the fall of 2017, where she works directly with schools in supporting the start-up and maintenance of programs, along with working with LFY instructors in staffing and support.

Her daily meditation/contemplation practice is very connected to her creativity.
As a textile artist and designer & owner of Soul Threads, she uses post-consumer recycled materials in her designs. She is a strong advocate for “slow fashion”; buying local, supporting hand-made and bringing awareness to the human injustice and environmental issues related to fashion and the manufacture of clothing.

Doreen worked for 27 years as an auditor and regional director of corporate security for one of the largest commercial banks in the country and 9 years in the field of domestic violence/sexual assault. She has and continues to work in many organizations (including Board of Directors’ member of several large arts organizations). This work includes: review of agency programs; event planning; safety and security programs; designed and implemented volunteer networks; grant writing; fund-raising; arts camps; business plans; financial projections; various presentations; and much more.

She founded a multi-disciplinary arts center and the Arts & Culture Roundtable-which was responsible for the implementation of ArtZfest- a 2 day all arts festival in Thomaston CT.