What is Yoga Service: A Working Definition

Yoga Service: A Working Definition: The intentional sharing of yoga practices that support healing and build resilience for all, regardless of circumstances, taught within a context of conscious relationship rooted in self-reflection and self-inquiry.

While yoga and service have long been practiced together, yoga service as a unified field is new and growing. As the field develops, the need to establish a shared understanding of what we mean by the term yoga service is essential. We propose that yoga service is not defined by who is served, but rather by the manner in which the practices are offered.

While the Yoga Service community often discusses its work in terms of addressing specific populations, we recognize that all people experience vulnerability and trauma at different points in life, and that circumstances of being human are such that we all, at times, are in need of the compassionate service of others. We also recognize that there are social forces at play that impact individuals and communities differently, and that issues of power, privilege, and justice must remain at the forefront of any critical discussion of service.