My First Year as a Yoga Teacher

My first year as a yoga teacher was the best year of my life; it was full of unexpected surprises, so much love and loads of gratitude. 

I never missed a day of teaching and never wanted to. I wanted to be there for my kids, I wanted them to know how much I care about them and believe me I care so much!!!!

I had no idea how I could effect and influence the children I taught. I taught from 18 months old to pre-teens every week. I have so many touching stories that actually brought tears to my eyes. I have one little boy (he is 5) in a class that refused to do yoga until a few weeks ago: he would cry, he was angry and we all just let him be. But he sat with the teachers and obviously was listening all along. A few weeks ago he decided to take class and join the circle; he didn't take his shoes off and that was fine with me because he actually wanted to participate!!! After class he came over to me clapping and jumping “I did it yoga lady, I did yoga”. The next week as soon as I walked in the room he said “I took my shoes off” he was so proud of himself and I was proud too!! Last week we were doing our “heart send out” and I lost my train of thought and he finished it for me… “may I be loved” he said. I looked at him and had tears in my eyes. Go my little yogi!!!!


My forth grade class, ahhhhh, I can't say enough about them!!! I teach so many students it is hard to remember their names (I do a pretty good job of it) so I am a nick-namer and they love it! In this class there was “chit & chat” “miss patience” “the boy who can't stop sitting next to me” – two weeks before school ended the teacher gave them some time to make me cards. They went above and beyond and wrote me letters, some two page letters. I couldn't believe what I was reading and how touched I was. They all signed their letters with their nick name. The best letter came from “Bored”.  One day I passed around the signing bowl they were to ring the bowl and say one word and only one word on how they feel and this boy was “bored” and I told him that was perfectly acceptable and that I didn't get offended.  When I read his letter I was shocked, I did all this for “bored”!? 

They are graduating next week, my last class was Friday and they cried in my arms and of course I cried too. They asked for my autograph and said please don't forget us. 

I will never forget them and I will never forget my first year teaching ever!! I am the luckiest person to teach what I love and give these children tools to use in their lives to approach life with kindness and curiosity!

Peace, Elizabeth


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