Back to Back Breathing: A Partner Breathe Activity

This is a simple activity that many students (adults and kids alike!) get into and don’t want to get out of.

It is a safe and comfortable way of offering loving contact and invites partners to expand their awareness outside of their own bodies. Children often say they feel calmer and more comfortable in this practice then they do practicing breath work on their own. It is very supportive and a great way to start introducing partner poses to children.

1. Begin sitting up as tall as possible and back to back with a partner. You can place your legs however is most comfortable for you.
2. Take a few deep breaths on your own and feel the support of your partner behind you, doing the same thing. You may close your eyes, or keep them focused on one point. It may be useful to bring your hands to your heart or belly here.
3. After a few rounds of calming breath on your own, notice if you can feel the breath of your partner.
4. If you are able to notice your partner’s breath, begin to explore the quality of their breath (long/short, shallow/deep, choppy/smooth, etc.) and perhaps where you feel it most strongly connecting to your body.
5. After a few rounds of noticing each others breath, you may begin to sync up the rhythm of your breath and notice how this feels to be breathing together.
6. You can stay here as long as you feel comfortable and connected.

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