Welcome to LFY Certification!

We are so excited and happy to have you with us. You are joining a wonderful learning community of children’s yoga and mindfulness teachers and we look forward to all that will be coming your way as you travel along your children’s yoga and certification pathway. 

Where to Begin

Below explains how to navigate the training and certification process.

Step 1: Join our Facebook Group 

Join our Facebook Teacher Training Community Group. It is a members only group for teacher training participants. Here you will meet peers and colleagues from across the globe and are invited to participate with any communication and conversation that serves to help you with your teaching and training work.

Step 2: Level One Certificate of Completion 

After you complete your Level One Training from the YI website you will automatically be provided with a certificate of completion from YI!  Simply email Tricia Stevens (tricia@littlefloweryoga.com) a copy of your certificate and she will add your training to your account on the Little Flower Yoga and Mindfulness website where you will continue onward with the remaining levels of your training and certification work. 

Step 3: Accessing Your LFY Account and Continuing Your Training

Your LFY account is where all of your certification work is stored and from where you will continue your training. Please use the email address you used to purchase training to log in to your account. Your trainings are stored in your account for you to access at anytime. Again, to add your Yoga International Level One Training to your LFY account please email tricia@littlefloweryoga.com with your certificate of completion so she may add it for you.

Note: Your materials and your recording of the full YI Level One Training will always be stored on the Yoga International site for you. We will indicate the completion of your YI Level One on your certification pathway once you send us your certificate of completion.

We ask that you please keep your LFY log in information saved so you may easily access and keep track of your certification work.

Step 4: Your User Dashboard on the LFY Website

To continue your trainings you will log in to your dashboard on the LFY website following these 3 easy steps: Log in to LFY site > click “My Account” > click “Your Courses” >.  Here you will see your “Certification Pathway” which shows you the necessary components to complete training. Click on each button accordingly and you will have access to your necessary video and assignment content. 

LFY User Dashboard: https://www.littlefloweryoga.com/dashboard/

Special Note: 

Level Two and Level Three are each a combination of Live-Stream AND recorded content trainings. This means you will need to log on to your computer on specific days and times for portions of these trainings. The dates and times are listed on the website for you so when you register please make sure you will be available. After you register you will be sent welcome emails with all of your necessary information. This will include your zoom links, dates, times, manual, assignment information, and trainer’s info. 


We suggest working towards your LFY mentorship after you have taken Level Two or Level Three. When you are ready to be assigned a mentor teacher and begin mentorship please reach out to: tricia@littlefloweryoga.com so she may set you up. Please note: Once you are assigned a mentor you will have 6 months to complete mentorship so please make sure you are ready to teach. You are responsible for having and obtaining your kids to teach. The mentorship program provides you with recorded classes and lesson plans and guidance along the way and you will have support and feedback from your mentor after each class that you teach. 

Mentorship Info: https://www.littlefloweryoga.com/product/online-mentorship-program/

Reminder: The Mentorship Program is part of your Training Bundle purchase.

This will get you underway and all ready to focus on your training and work now. Thank you for being an essential part of the training community and helping children and adolescents to thrive in life using yoga and mindfulness tools.

All the best, 

The LFY Team