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I believe that the Power of Community helps us to see ourselves reflected in one another and to facilitate compassionate change.  The practice, study and instruction of Yoga in community awakens me to a loving kindness that I strive to share with anyone who is curious, seeking or in need.

My son is nearly three years old and he is my JOY and inspiration!  His name is Benicio, which means “the benevolent one.”  In becoming his mother, my heart awoke to a new sense of responsibility... not only to my beloved Beni but to each precious child that I encounter, teach and help to grow.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness has brought healing to my heart and focus to my mind.  As a Mexican-American child growing up in Houston, TX, I was diagnosed with ADHD in middle school and exhibited a lot of negative self-talk through the years.  Though I often struggled in school and at work, I found a home in expressions of music, theater and art.

Today, living in NYC, my practices of meditation and yoga provide balance for explorations in music and design.  Through heartfelt strength in practice and resiliency found in struggle, I aim to share the tools of mindful discipline and kinetic balance with others.  Through our teachings, my hope is that my son’s generation will find the fullest sense of self-expression and a common ethic of excellence and kindness towards themselves, one another and nature that will build a more just and conscious world for us all.

LFY Level 3
Brooklyn, NY