Level Two

Social and Emotional Learning Through Yoga and Mindfulness: Connection, Compassion and Creativity

In this training, you will build on the foundation established in Level 1 to deepen and enhance your teaching.

Through discussion, lectures, and practice teaching, we will continue to explore the physical, emotional, and social aspects of youth development and refine our skills in teaching various stages and ages. We will also spend time on classroom and behavior management, with a focus on how to handle challenging behavior mindfully and effectively.


  • Learn mindfulness and meditation practices that enhance students’ capacity for emotional self-regulation, focus, and good decision making
  • Discuss behavior management strategies that support relationship building and engaged learning
  • Explore and practice compassionate communication strategies
  • Learn how to use art and journaling to enhance your teaching and promote self-reflection
  • Play with partner and group activities for building community
  • Identify compassionate classroom management skills

The Little Flower Yoga training program is an inclusive, professional, caring, empowering experience with top-notch trainers who bring out the best in all its participants.