Level Three

Advanced Teaching Practices and Implementation Strategies

Level 3 of certification offers you the tools you need to teach from your own authentic presence. We’ll explore how to work with adolescents and navigate the challenges of students who resist engagement. You’ll learn the fundamentals of curriculum development, and explore more about tailoring your teaching to the needs of your students.

With lots of time for practice teaching, feedback, and questions, we’ll also look more in-depth at the relax element of our methodology, exploring restorative yoga and other practices of rest for young people in todays over-stimulating world.

Through lecture, discussion, group work and practice you will learn:


  • Stages of youth development through the teen years
  • Restorative yoga practices for children and teens
  • Introduction to curriculum development
  • How to teach from your personal practice
  • Considerations for working with parents and caregivers
  • Ways to support students who are resistant to engaging

The LFY program continues to enhance my process in learning ways to effectively and compassionately bring yoga to the lives of children. I am grateful for the knowledge and information that has led to an evolutionary process not just as a yoga instructor but as an individual. We allow ourselves the internal experience of integration and growth which leads to helping others heal. Thank you for providing a program that supports growth on many levels!

Marisol T.