Yoga and Mindfulness for PK and K Students


We think of yoga and mindfulness as still and quiet; but for kids, this is just a component of what mindfulness practices look like. Kids learn to be aware of themselves, others, and the world around them through games, songs, movement, play, and of course, by practicing stillness again and again.

Making mindfulness engaging and relevant for our youngest students can be a challenge if we don’t have some tricks up our sleeve.

Movement and music are powerful tools to engage young students that ignite all areas of child development and skills for school readiness: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy.

When we engage with music and movement, it helps the body and the mind work together while providing an outstanding opportunity for children to connect as a group and express themselves non-verbally.

For the last seven years Mayuri Gonzalez has taught mindfulness and yoga for Little Flower Yoga to our youngest students, ages 2-6. Join her for this interactive webinar where you will:

  • Understand why movement and song are potent tools for connection and engagement for young students.
  • Learn chants and activity songs to support self-awareness, social connection, and compassion in your classes
  •  Explore practical ways to help pre-k & early elementary students develop self-awareness of their body in developmentally appropriate ways.
  • Investigate fun ways to use gestures, sign-language, and non-verbal communication in your classes to keep students engaged, help them to integrate critical ideas, and develop fine motor skills.

Purchase includes life-time access to video content, downloadable pdf of handout, and bonus practices for you and your students.

Tuition: $45.00