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Teens, Life Challenges and Mindfulness

When children reach adolescence they must deal with a variety of changes. Their relationships, bodies and minds are all changing.

However managing these changes can be challenging for teens. Then as adults we sometimes struggle with how to best support them.

Mindfulness and yoga tools can help them meet these challenges, but teaching this age group takes reflection, patience, and lots of practice!

This workshop offers practical and meaningful activities and resources so that you can effectively engage your teens in ways that support them and help them thrive. Ideal for classroom teachers, college educators, clinicians, parents, yoga teachers, and anyone else who works with teens.

LFY Director of Professional Development, adjunct lecturer, and former high school teacher Argos Gonzalez will teach you how to help your students listen to the messages of their bodies, harness their personal power, and navigate the challenges of adolescence successfully. You will learn:

  • The myths adults have of teens, and explore a neurological perspective that helps us make sense of those myths.
  • The changes and challenges many adolescents face and assess ways to support them.
  • How mindfulness and yoga tools can benefit adolescents.
  • The LFY methodology and different mindfulness activities and topics you can use to engage teens.

Purchase includes life-time access to video content, downloadable pdf of slides, and bonus practices for you and your students.

Tuition: $45.00