Using Sensory Play to Stay in the Moment: Mindfulness for PK and K Students

One of the best ways to share mindfulness and yoga with our children is by engaging their senses! Sensory play—activities that involve touch, scent, taste, sounds, movement, and visual experiences—provides a gateway to help our little ones stay present and attuned to the world around them while sparking curiosity, wonder, and awe.

As Daniel Siegel, MD author of The Mindful Brain, notes, “… being mindful begins and remains grounded in sensory experience.”

By engaging their senses, we can help children activate the parts of their brain that allow them to stay in the moment.

In this engaging webinar, you will learn:

  • How mindfulness-based sensory play can impact the brain and development of children
  • 10+ fun sensory-based mindfulness activities for Pre-K and K children
  • How to inspire an attitude of wonder and awe for our youngest mindfulness and yoga students.

Tuition: $45.00