Supporting Kids When They are Overwhelmed: Using Breathing Practices Effectively

Telling kids to “take a deep breath” rarely helps when they are upset, but there are many things that do! Join Jennifer Cohen Harper, author of Thank You Breath: Finding Peace and Power from the Inside Out and founder of Little Flower Yoga, in this webinar exploring ways to support children when they are struggling with overwhelming emotions. You’ll learn:

  • How saying take a deep breath can backfire
  • What to say instead of calm down
  • Why paying attention to the nervous system matters
  • What co-regulation is and how it can help
  • Breathing techniques that actually work!

Note: This webinar is an included part of our Coaching Community Membership, for LFY training graduates and participants, available for $28/month or $240/year. If you believe you should have access to this content and are having trouble, please email us at info@littlefloweryoga.com.

Tuition: $35.00