Staying Calm When the Classroom Gets Crazy

One of the challenges educators face is sustaining passion and energy for their jobs.

The daily demands of supporting students and managing work and personal responsibilities throughout the school year is exhausting. However, one of the key components to being an impactful and successful teacher is staying connected to our passion.

Mindfulness can help teachers stay true to their vision for this work as well as help meet daily challenges skillfully.

This workshop offers practical and meaningful activities and resources to help you reconnect to why you became a teacher in the first place. You’ll learn how to stay grounded during challenging moments. And most importantly you’ll learn how to engage children in ways that encourage everyone to thrive.

Join Argos Gonzalez, LFY Director of Professional Development, adjunct lecturer, and former high school teacher, and learn:

  • Strategies and exercises that sustain a mindful and compassionate approach to working with youth.
  • Easy to implement practices that support a strong mind, body, and heart connection.
  • Activities that help us nurture compassion for ourselves and the kids we work with.
  • The role stillness and spaciousness can play in supporting our personal practice and mindful, compassionate teaching.

Purchase includes access to video content and downloadable pdf handout. 

Tuition: $45.00