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Practices to Build Resilience in Children

Resilience is foundational to helping kids thrive in the world regardless of circumstances.

This webinar offers very practical body-based, mindfulness-based tools to use with children of all ages. These tools serve to strengthen their inner resources so they therefore can “bounce back” from disappointments and difficulties, even disasters.

Join guest lecturer, Linda Graham, MFT, and learn how to teach children:

  • Body-based practices that restore the nervous system to its natural baseline physiological equilibrium and the brain’s “range of resilience.”
  • Mindful self-compassion practices that shift the functioning of the brain out of emotional reactivity and negativity into more openness and receptivity to learning.
  • Exercises in self-awareness and self-acceptance that counter the corrosive effects of shame – in other words, feeling unlovable or not good enough.
  • Mindfulness practices that help children change every “should” to a “could” and shift from the limitations of a fixed mindset to the possibilities of a growth mindset.

Purchase includes lifetime access to video content, downloadable pdf of slides, and bonus practices for you and your students.

Tuition: $45.00