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Navigating Anxiety in Children: Meeting Stress with Inner Strength

Help the Children and Teens in Your Life Relate to Challenges in a New Way

Do you work (or live) with children whose anxiety is overwhelming them? Who shy away from participating in new activities or taking on challenges because they are afraid to fail? Do you worry about your kids choosing harmful coping mechanisms as they struggle with the stress of their lives?

When children can’t cope, challenges become stressors, and anxiety replaces anticipation. Our kids can’t enjoy childhood to the fullest, their learning suffers, and their long-term resilience is compromised. Children often get the message that their anxiety is something to get rid of or push away, but like all emotions our anxiety has a job to do.

We can teach our children to better understand their own experience, and find effective ways to meet their needs and engage with their lives from a place of personal power and agency. In this interactive online course, taught in 3 parts, we’ll explore embodied and effective ways to help prepare children for anxiety producing situations, navigate stress, reduce overwhelm and reactivity, and harness their capacity for self-compassion.

You’ll walk away with a new framework for relating to anxiety, along with concrete, practices to help your clients and students learn to access their inner resources, calm their anxiety, transform their relationship to stress, and thrive even when life is challenging.

  • What: Engaging online instruction in 3 sessions (6 hours total) + course materials
  • When: Anytime you want! Learn from home at your own pace, but if you have questions join us for occasional “live” online Q&A sessions with the instructor. All participants will receive invitations as these calls are scheduled
  • Tuition: $145
  • Who: This course is best suited for classroom teachers, clinicians, yoga and mindfulness instructors and parents. All others who work with children are welcome to join.


  • Consider the impact of family, school, media and global events on children as it relates to anxiety and treatment options
  • Identify various forms of anxiety, and learn to use anxiety as an information gathering tool
  • Build student and client capacity to identify rising anxiety before it becomes overwhelming or debilitating
  • Learn to manage escalating emotions and intrusive thoughts with embodied practices
  • Develop differentiated strategies to address anxiety rooted in building self-awareness, capacity and confidence
  • Enhance resilience through personal and partner based practices


Week 1: Understanding Childhood Anxiety
Week 2: Yoga, Mindfulness and Resilience
Week 3: Building Capacity and Connection

Purchase includes life-time access to video content, downloadable webinar, and bonus practices for you and your students.

*This course is eligible for 6 Yoga Alliance CE hours

Tuition: $145.00