Mindful Mondays +

Mindful Mondays + is web app based resource in a simple format, meant to foster a habit of mindfulness, grounded in practical tools.

With 22 sequential and 5 bonus modules of content, meant to be explored and integrated one week at a time, it’s an easy way to make your own practice a habit, and learn new strategies and activities right along with your students.

Each content module contains an exploration of one topic, along with a short video or audio practice for you, one for your kids, resource links, an interactive worksheet, and related bonus content.

Join us to deepen your understanding of the many ways mindfulness can support the process of teaching and learning, and immediately put what you receive to use. The best part is while you implement the program with your kids, you’ll also be getting an education and building internal capacity one week at a time.

This payment is for a 1 year Mindful Mondays + Membership. Each year we update content, and you’ll have the option to renew your subscription at a 50% discount when it expires. 

$65/year (Annual Renewal 50% off)