Mindful Mondays Free

Mindful Mondays is a FREE resource to support schools worldwide in creating and sustaining a mindful culture and community. This program includes essays, video and audio content, and resource links in a simple format, meant to foster a habit of mindfulness, grounded in practical tools that encourage teachers, parents, clinicians, and students to practice and engage in regular self-care and inquiry.

The program was designed for:

  • Classroom teachers, clinicians, and administrators who want to support a personal mindfulness practice
  • Classroom teachers interested in including mindfulness-based practices and transitional tools in their classrooms to support self-awareness, learning readiness, social emotional learning initiatives, and positive classroom culture and climate
  • Parents interested in learning more about mindfulness and how to support themselves and their children at home

When you sign up, you’ll receive:

  • An orientation email with suggestions for implementation, additional resources, and a program overview.
  • Access to weeks 1-6 of content.
  • 12 video or audio practices that can be adapted for student or teacher use.
  • Short weekly emails (every Sunday) helping you set up for success on Monday morning.