Mindful Games: Engaging Kids Through Play

Caring for children at home, in a classroom, or a clinic can be overwhelming and exhausting. When children’s needs and distress increase, so do the demands on parents, educators, and other caregivers. This chain-reaction wears everyone down by fueling stress, frustration, conflict, and disappointment. As children’s and caregivers’ stress levels rise their mental bandwidth narrows as does their capacity to think, listen, learn, and be open to new ideas.

How do you interrupt this escalating cycle?

Mindfulness is the first step. When children and caregivers notice what’s happening within and around them with friendly awareness, their mental bandwidth widens, and space opens up for attention, balance, and compassion to emerge naturally. Fortunately, attention, balance, and compassion are qualities available to everyone that can be strengthened through practice.

This webinar is an introduction to Inner Kids, an activity-based approach to mindful awareness developed by Susan Kaiser Greenland to enhance the wellbeing of children and their caregivers. Through a brief presentation, experiential exercises, plus Q & A you will learn ways to integrate attention, balance and compassion into daily life to strengthen and support the way you and the children in your life speak, act, and relate to one another.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn practical, mindful tools that can be applied at home and/or in your professional work with children, teens and families.
  • Determine ways to integrate activity-based mindfulness into existing programs and/or routines at home, at school, or in the clinic.
  • Explore ways to integrate mindful life-skills into personal and professional life for self-care.

Tuition: $45.00