Mindful Classrooms: Introduction to Weaving Mindfulness + Yoga Into the Busy School Day

Many classroom teachers are interested in bringing yoga + mindfulness to their students but struggle with how to fit it in.

Each year classroom teachers balance numerous responsibilities. It can feel like schools expect teachers to introduce new curriculum, manage large class sizes, all while meeting rigorous standards. As a result it can seem close to impossible to find the space and time to bring yoga + mindfulness to your students.

But this workshop will show you that it’s actually about weaving yoga + mindfulness into the fabric of classroom life.

Join veteran classroom teacher, mindfulness educator and Little Flower Yoga faculty member, Elizabeth Slade, as she shares  easy-to-implement and engaging practices for your students (and you!). You will learn:

  • How to utilize pausing and pacing to settle your classroom.
  • Ways you can use the concept of teacher presence as a teaching tool.
  • How to integrate simple mindfulness and yoga activities into your busy classroom days.
  • Ways to support self-awareness and responsible decision making.
  • What are small moments and mindful transitions and how to use them.
  • A variety of resources for further learning.

Purchase includes life-time access to video content, downloadable pdf of slides, and bonus practices for you and your students.

Tuition: $45.00