Making Classroom Management Magic


You are a star. While you may have forgotten this truth about who you are, the students you teach have not.

Though the behaviors your students demonstrate may not always reflect their highest regard for you, themselves, or learning in the classroom, here is the truth: children and adolescents see the teachers and caregivers in their lives as the gateway to “magic”, fun and a more vibrant life. When we fail to embody these essential qualities in our teaching, we lose our kids’ attention (and respect) and become less effective teachers.

This webinar is appropriate for educators of all kinds. It offers a practical approach to classroom management that transforms the notion of classroom challenges and breakdowns (that are a natural part of teaching and group learning) into opportunities to deepen connections and grow.

Join Crystal McCreary, LFY trainer and former classroom teacher, and learn:

  • How to re-vision and clarify an inspiring intention for your teaching that enhances student learning.
  • Practices that empower students to listen, pay attention, stay engaged and learn.
  • Compassionate and playful strategies for handling day-to-day classroom challenges.
  • Best practices for establishing loving, trusting relationships between you and among your students.
  • Strategies for creating safe classroom structure yet foster wonder, fun, and freedom in yourself and your students.

Purchase includes access to video content, downloadable pdf of slides, and bonus practices for you and your students.

Tuition: $45.00