Our Team

Wendie Lopez

School Yoga Project Teacher

Wendie was driven from the heart to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. Being a mother she sees that all children are kind and loving, and all have their own unique gifts and challenges. Wendie provides a fun, loving and supportive environment for children to learn yoga and mindfulness. In every class, she invites the children to tune in and navigate their emotional and physical well being using the 5 elements: connect, breathe, move, focus and relax. Her goal is for each child to utilize their mindful skills to regulate their emotions in all areas of their life so that they become more focused, more relaxed, less stressed and less reactive. When children start to practice yoga and mindfulness, their mind and body start to change and in turn their behavior will as well.

Wendie considers herself an endless student in yoga, mindfulness and nutrition. Her ultimate wish is to give every child an opportunity to a healthier life by connecting to their own unique selves.