Our Team

Jonah Udall

School Yoga Project Teacher

Jonah Udall is a professional guitarist and composer, and mindfulness teacher for The School Yoga Project. Growing up in Berkeley, California, mindfulness practice entered his life as a child, through his father 15 years ago. Over time, it helped him relieve debilitating body tension he developed playing the guitar, overcome a powerful stutter that could block speech entirely, and succeed as a cross-country mountain bike racer. His path with mindfulness has since been guided by some of the foremost teachers in the world – Sayadaw U Tejaniya, Steve Armstrong, Howie Cohn and Ajahn Passano. Jonah has spent 5 weeks – and counting – on silent meditation retreats.

After studying jazz at the University of Miami, he relocated to Brooklyn to pursue music. Here he felt increasingly inspired to share the simple tools of mindfulness that had helped him deeply in his formative years, and began teaching for The School Yoga Project in 2018. In his teaching, he focuses on mindfulness and yoga as a doorway to nurturing our inner strength and discovering wonder in the world around us.

As a musician, Jonah has recorded 6 albums, performed original scores for symphony orchestra, and created many works with dance artists. His trio Sound Underground has toured all sides of the U.S., performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., and appeared at major international festivals in Bulgaria, Serbia and Mexico. He is an avid student of folk musics from around the world. He is also a Deep Listening practitioner – composer Pauline Oliveros’ practice of embodied listening through vocalization, which is in many ways a deep intersection of mindfulness and music. He will earn his Deep Listening teaching certification in 2019.