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Making Classroom Management Magic

Live Webinar

You are a star. While you may have forgotten this truth about who you are, the students you teach have not. Though the behaviors your students demonstrate may not always reflect their highest regard for you, themselves, or learning in the classroom, here is the truth: children and adolescents see the teachers and caregivers in their lives as the gateway to “magic”, fun and a more vibrant life. The content you teach or the role you play in a child’s life may vary, but our kids look to us for those magical inner resources we are all born with: the capacity to love and be free. When educators fail to embody these essential qualities in our teaching, we lose our kids attention (and respect) and become less effective teachers.

Making Classroom Management Magic is an introductory course that will connect you more fully to who you are meant to be as a teacher: grounded, powerful, skillful, and in love with your students and the empowering content you teach.

This webinar is appropriate for educators of all kinds. It offers a practical approach to classroom management that transforms the notion of classroom challenges and breakdowns (that are a natural part of teaching and group learning) into opportunities to deepen connections and grow. The playful and compassionate strategies learned in this course will support you to pre-empt potential learning distractions by tapping into your star power as a teacher that brings forth the magic in your students, and by creating rich, relevant and student-centered content that is accessible to your kids.

Participants in the webinar will:

  • Re-vision and clarify an inspiring intention for your teaching that enhances student learning
  • Learn practices that empower students to listen, pay attention, stay engaged and learn
  • Explore compassionate and playful strategies for handling day-to-day classroom challenges
  • Learn best practices for establishing loving, trusting relationships between you and among your students
  • Explore strategies for creating safe classroom structure yet foster wonder, fun, and freedom in yourself and your students

Meet Your Trainer:

Crystal McCreary

Crystal is a former elementary school teacher and has taught yoga and mindfulness since 2007. Crystal supports organizations, individuals and groups through professional development workshops, trainings, yoga classes and lovingly curated yoga and wellness retreats. Her teaching features embodied healing modalities including: yoga, mindfulness, restorative yoga, discussion, reflection, ritual, and also emphasizes the importance of self-care and sustainability as the gateway to social justice and community healing in the world.

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Mar 7, 2019

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Full Schedule

This live webinar takes place from 7:30-9:30pm EST.

This is an interactive format where participants will be able to ask questions through the course.

If you cannot join live, not to worry. All participants will have access to the recorded version of the webinar and all materials.



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