Help Your Child Find Their Own Strengths (I Am So Strong – A Meditation for Kids)

This is a powerful form of meditation that can help kids learn to focus rather easily.  There are various ways that you could fit this into a fun yoga class or add to a theme within a sequence of poses but I’d like to begin by making it as simple as possible.

For me, I find that the best atribute to this practice is that it's an easy way to help your child learn to regulate their own feelings and emotions.  If they are having a bad day they can use this to turn it around.  Or if they are feeling angry or too energetic or scared,,this is a powerful yet simple tool to use that can help.


Let’s begin by finding a comfortable seated position.  If your child chooses to lay down or have a different position that is fine.  (Ideally you’ll want to have a straight or tall spine).


With palms facing up or down you will begin by touching thumb and pointer finger, then thumb to middle finger, then thumb to ring finger and thumb to pinky finger. 


Feel free to try this with your child a few times so they get the hang of it.  (Allow the kids to know that it's okay if it's tricky at first or silly and feel free to play around but then do bring them back to the point of the practice). 


Note: If you have a toddler or someone that is not able to touch the fingers you can try multiple things like:  lightly tapping your hands to knees, or simply touching thumb to all fingers or thumb to one finger or making little fists.  Improvise to see what works best for your exercise.


Eyes can be soft, fixed upon something in front of you or closed.  Let your child explore what feels best.


As you are ready begin repeating, “I am so strong, I am so strong, etc.  As you do this you will touch thumb to pointer while saying “I”, and continue on.  So while touching thumb to middle finger you will say “am”, touch thumb to ring finger say “so” and thumb to pinky say “strong”.










Try this for however long it works for your child.  The point is for them to become comfortable doing this and hopefully have some fun along the way.  But the point is to find a bit of a rhythm or focus. (If they can do it for a minute or two that is great.  If they can go longer, then even better). 


Once you are done begin a discussion about the exercise.  Ask questions.  Inquire to see how they feel, if they liked it, etc.  Give them a chance to truly reflect about their practice. 


Note: Feel free to change the words of the meditation.  For instance instead of repeating the, “I am so strong” maybe do something that may be more applicable at the time like, “I am so kind”.  Or “I am so peaceful”.  Choose a word that may help your child improve on his or her day or mood or help with a goal. 

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