Mindfulness for Kids – A 5 Second Practice


Creating a practice takes time for all of us and for children it’s no different.   In our home I like to think of it as building a house.  First and foremost we have to build a foundation.  If there isn’t a strong base with anything we may be setting ourselves up for failure.   Nothing is wrong with failure either; however at times we may truly want to take our time and create a platform for success.

If you are interested in teaching your children to be mindful, to have more compassion, to think of others, to stop and connect to their present moment and to send a wishful thought to others, I encourage you to give this a try! 

(And one of the great things about this practice is it takes no longer than a few seconds!)

Here is an example of our “Well-Wishes” practice:  Every time we hear a siren we stop whatever we are doing, pause, and think of others.  We often say out loud that we hope the people are okay and that we would like to send them some well wishes, for them, for their friends and families.  We also think of the police men and women or ambulance people and or firemen/women and send them well wishes too.  And that’s it!    

Sometimes we continue on with what we were doing.  Other times it sparks a conversation on what may have happened.  In either case we are forming a practice together as a family and as individuals to recognize that there are other people in the world and it is not only just about us.  Additionally we are learning a lifestyle of mindfulness, which for me I believe is an important trait for my kids to have.

3-5 Seconds of Well Wishes Helps Children with the Following:

  • Recognition that there is more to the world than only ourselves and our own lives
  • Caring for others
  • Learn to stop or pause for a moment to connect
  • Helps with checking in with their own feelings
  • Provides a change in perspective for them
  • Builds on compassion, teamwork and shows the importance of loving others
  • Teaches respect for those in the work force and people that help others and take care of our communities

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