10 Easy and Fun Ideas to Help Your Kids Relax!

Summer is here everybody and I have 2 questions for you.


1.  Who is ready to run all day and night to keep up with the kids?


2.  And who is ready to become a little wiser in helping them learn how to wind down and relax?


I am fully inspired to write this as my two amazing and highly energetic boys (who are supposed to be sleeping in bed) are jumping and screaming and laughing the night away up in their room.  After a fun filled day of activities – play-dates, running through the sprinkler, lunch with Dad, a trip to a petting zoo, fun at the playground, another round in the sprinkler, dinner, and catching butterflies and bubbles in the yard – like anyone, they are having a hard time relaxing into a quiet evening of sleep.


I ran across this article and I had to share it. Frankly I love all ten tips for relaxation and I think your kids will too!




Happy Summer!

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