Kids Yoga, Music and The Arts – Song: “Be Still”

I wrote the song, “Be Still,” after meditating one day. My mind felt crystal clear and at that moment it was so obvious that being still means being free.

Not every meditation session goes as smoothly for me. It’s easy to be still when everything around you is quiet and slow. When you have no distractions and you’re in the right frame of mind and feeling settled, clarity and stillness will come easily. In these moments, my mind feels like it’s a soaring bird against a beautiful blue sky, aware of its surroundings and seeing what’s below – but only observing it. Breathing it in, breathing it out. Free.

But realistically, this isn’t my frame of mind during every meditation session. Some days when I begin the practice, my mind is a hurricane of swirling and whirling thoughts, fuzzy vision, terrifying winds and unrealistic catastrophizing. On these days, being still feels almost impossible. My mind is like being in a thunderstorm; I struggle to see what’s in front of me, I’m afraid of my surroundings, and I feel like I can’t breathe.  I’m trapped.
But as I’ve continued to meditate, I have realized that practicing being still on those sunny days when I feel like a soaring bird helps me escape the rainy days faster.


This realization has motivated me to incorporate breathing and stillness into my classroom on a daily basis. If I’ve learned one thing as a teacher, it’s that children’s emotions and moods change rapidly. In one moment everything is fine, but in the next moment their world is crumbling. I try to practice being still with my students when their mood is calm, so that when they do come across challenges, they can access their “being still” state of mind.




The more we practice stillness, the more accessible it becomes. We start to feel like it’s ours to take. I hope that “Be Still” can remind all of us to feel this freedom during our meditation sessions, and to be able to access it not only when life is a beautiful sunny day, but also when it’s hard and scary and full of wind and rain.


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Listen to the song here!

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