Contemplative Education Database

We are so happy to be a part of the Garrison Institute's newly launched, free, publically accessible database of contemplative teaching and learning programs.

Users can search the database according to program characteristics such as location, contemplative approach, and target audience. For example, a teacher in New Jersey could use the database to search for K-12 yoga programs operating in her state.

Researchers—including graduate students and professors—can also take advantage of this resource to find programs seeking to build an evidence base for their work. In turn, programs can submit their information to make it widely available to interested researchers. Programs can also search the database to find and make contact with similar organizations.

Finally, the database can also be a tool for funders, policy makers and media looking to track the growth of the field.

For more information about these databases, or to submit information about a contemplative education program, contact Susan Fountain, Field Development Manager, at:  For other questions, contact the Contemplative Teaching and Learning Initiative at:

To check out the database yourself, visit:

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