Chair Yoga – Myths Busted

Recently I took Little Flower Yoga's Chair Yoga Basics training and I wanted to share my experience with you. The training was so much more than I anticipated and it shed a new light on the world of chair yoga for me.  Too often I know thatI have given this style of yoga a stereotype and have sort of just disregarded it as a whole.  After the workshop I realized that Chair Yoga can provide nearly all of the same benefits of a regular yoga class AND it can be done anywhere with anyone!!  I now have a serious little love for Chair Yoga and for so many reasons but the one focus for me is that we can easily offer chair yoga in schools.  No yoga mats or extra space is necessary – just you and your desk or chair.  And this goes for students and teachers!

Here are some of the typical stereotypes associated with Chair Yoga

1. For older people only

2. Not fun

3. Too gentle

4. Not enough exercise

During the training, I found myself 100% challenged in every area of my physical body as well as mentally!  Each pose focused on the deeper muscles of the body but with the support of the chair which allowed for less strain and easier alignment.  Like all yoga, with a proper teacher you can have a class that meets any need for the student.  You can move fast, slow, and have a gentle or challenging lesson. I was and still am blown away by how much my core and muscles were working.  I also found that by being in the chair I was more apt to use my breath.  Because of the strengthening and the breath, I was left very grounded, focused and balanced.   

While learning about the various sequencing methods and the different components from the teachers' point of view, I couldn't help but be so excited to take this all home to share with others.  What a perfect compliment during the school day – Children and teachers are at their desks much of the day and you only need a few minutes to reap so many of the benefits.  Chair yoga can help kids and their teachers find more focus and confidence on a more stressful day, allow for a physical and mental break and provide more energy to get them through their days.  

There are so many amazing perks but the top three that I want to mention are listed below. These are my myths 'busted' on Chair Yoga:

1.  One can utilize this ANYWHERE (without using yoga mats or needing a lot of space)

2.  It provides nearly ALL of the benefits that a normal yoga class would

3.  ANY age and ANY person can do Chair Yoga  (This is my favorite one)

So the next time you see a “Chair Yoga” class somewhere, give it a try and see for yourself. Or you can take your own training or workshop so that you can share the love with students and teachers in your community!

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