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What is Yoga Service: A Working Definition

Yoga Service: A Working Definition: The intentional sharing of yoga practices that support healing and build resilience for all, regardless of circumstances, taught within a context of conscious relationship rooted in self-reflection and self-inquiry. While yoga and service have long been practiced together, yoga service as a unified field is new and growing. As the field… Read more »

Nurturing Gratitude in Young Hearts: Activities and Quotes to Inspire Appreciation

Gratitude is the ability to be thankful and to see and appreciate the good that’s in our lives. As an educator, mother of two children, and program director, gratitude is both professionally and personally important to me. In my own life, gratitude helps me keep a wider lens to allow my mind and heart to stay… Read more »

This Moment is Your Life (and so is This One). A New Resource by Mariam Gates

When new books to share mindfulness and yoga with teens are released, we typically await them eagerly, as this can be a hard population to reach and good resources are scarce. Mariam Gates new offering, This Moment is Your Life (and so is This One), exceeds all of our expectations and provides teens and tweens with a… Read more »

How I Learned to Police from Within: Thoughts from a School Resource Officer

I have always believed that my job as a Police Officer was about serving and protecting my community with compassion. Early in my career, I realized many people feel the police are heavy-handed enforcers of the law, devoid of empathy and reliability.  And for many, many years, I was upset with these people. How can… Read more »

Kids Yoga, Music and The Arts – Song: “One Step At A Time”

“One step at a time see what you can find  with one step at a time  One step at a time what is on your mind  with one step at a time” “One step at a time see what you can find with one step at a time One step at a time what is… Read more »

Kids Yoga, Music and the Arts: “I Am” by Lianne Bassin

The creative process is a funny thing; I’ve always been fascinated with how and when inspiration strikes. Some songs that I wrote for Breathe In took so much time, so much writing and rewriting. And yet other ones hit me immediately, and it seemed like I finished them in just ten minutes.   “I Am,”… Read more »

Kids Yoga, Music and The Arts – Song: “Mr. Bear and Birdie”

I was recently thinking about the notion of sharing, and what it takes for a child to share what they have with someone else. This can be very hard for even some adults, let alone young children. I imagine that when asked to share, some children think something like this:  Why should I share what… Read more »

Kids Yoga, Music and The Arts – Song: “Hugging Words”

As I begin the new school year, I'm been thinking about many things while setting up the classroom. I’m getting ready to meet a whole new batch of Pre-K students, and both little details and larger questions are entering my mind: What color should I use for this bulletin board? How do I get back… Read more »

Kids Yoga, Music and The Arts – Song: “Be Still”

I wrote the song, “Be Still,” after meditating one day. My mind felt crystal clear and at that moment it was so obvious that being still means being free. Not every meditation session goes as smoothly for me. It’s easy to be still when everything around you is quiet and slow. When you have no… Read more »

Kids Yoga, Music and The Arts – Song: “Peaceful Place”

As we float onto summer, I become giddy like a small child. After an eventful and busy school year with my students, summer is a time for me to unwind, focus on myself, and most importantly, spend as much time as I can in my peaceful place: The beach.  I have memories of myself on… Read more »

Kids Yoga, Music and the Arts: “Trees” by Lianne Bassin

I wrote the song “Trees” (listen to the song below) many years ago when I was walking across Central Park on a glorious spring day. I was gazing at all of the trees around me, marveling at how human-like they were. Each one had such different characteristics – some were intimidating, scary, big and sharp,… Read more »

Kids Yoga, Music and the Arts: Chirp Chirp – It’s Spring!

I love having my hands in dirt.  Something about its texture, the way it falls right through my fingertips and its vibrant, earthy smell makes me want to pause and take a deep breath.  I remember planting lima beans with my kindergarten students a few years ago on a beautiful Spring morning. Each child filled… Read more »

Queens Students and Little Flower Yoga on NY 1 NEWS

NY1 News came to visit us recently at one of our school sites, PS 205 in Bayside, Queens.  Little Flower Yoga is very proud to be teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to these incredible kids, and they had a blast posing for the camera. Check out the interview below, to hear thoughts from the kids, their classroom… Read more »

Kids Yoga, Music, and the Arts with Lianne Bassin: Monkey Mind Reflection & Audio Clip of the Song!

Monkey Mind is a term that describes the mind and typically means, “Agitated, easily distracted and incessantly moving behavior of ordinary human consciousness. Just as a monkey swinging through the trees grabs one branch and lets it go only to seize another, so too, that which is called thought, mind or consciousness arises and disappears continually… Read more »

From the Field: The Value in Allowing Kids to Share What They Learn

As a children’s yoga and mindfulness educator I enter each lesson with a plan in mind, but there is also a grand scheme, my ultimate purpose for exploring this work with children. It’s my view that these life skills are a basic right of education, that there are certain underpinnings to what I’m trying to… Read more »

Chair Yoga – Myths Busted

Recently I took Little Flower Yoga's Chair Yoga Basics training and I wanted to share my experience with you. The training was so much more than I anticipated and it shed a new light on the world of chair yoga for me.  Too often I know thatI have given this style of yoga a stereotype and have sort of… Read more »

5 Reasons Teens Love Partner Yoga

In my last fifteen years of teaching yoga in schools, community centers and studios, one of the most effective methods I have found for engaging adolescents is partnership. ! Developmentally, teens have a strong need for interaction. Unfulfilled, the need for positive social experience can drive young people to lives of loneliness, depression and long-lived anxiety.… Read more »

The School Yoga Project and Social Emotional Learning: Research

CLICK HERE FOR ENLARGED VERSION OF RESEARCH POSTER   Database Coding and Interpretation:  April 20, 2014, Colin Pearsall Social emotional learning (SEL) theory posits that a child’s capacity for self-understanding and self-regulation is a gateway to achieving personal goals and participating in the community.  This research takes the reporting of SYP yoga teachers and interprets… Read more »

How to Start and Maintain an At-Home Yoga Practice

    My yoga practice really deepened and developed when I started to practice at home by myself.  When you give yourself the opportunity to practice alone with only your inner guidance leading your movement (no online classes or DVDs!), it can open up a new opportunity for healing.  There is much value in practicing… Read more »

A Counselor’s Thoughts: Snowed In? No Problem

As a former school counselor, LFY teacher Jess Belanger has a unique perspective to share with us. She will be contributing a monthly article to our conversation, offering information to help parents and teacher support their kids. Click Here to learn more about Jess and all of our LFY teachers. If you live anywhere in the… Read more »

Kids Reading Recommendation: The Museum

Check out this fantastic book by LFY teacher Susan Verde! It is an amazing exploration of feelings experienced by a child visiting a museum. My daugther, Isabelle, loves it and she's only 15 months old. I think older children would appreciate it for entirely different reasons.  The Museum, by Susan Verde

Cultivating the Social and Emotional Competencies of Educators, A Report from The Garrison Institute

A couple of weeks ago I had the tremendous good fortune to spend my time with about 90 educators of educators. This inspiring community is made up of people who care deeply about our children, and also care deeply about our teachers. They came together at the Garrison Institute to share, explore, question, and create… Read more »

A Counselors Thoughts: Children and Holiday Stress

As a former school counselor, LFY teacher Jess Belanger has a unique perspective to share with us. She will be contributing a monthly article to our conversation, offering information to help parents and teacher support their kids. Click Here to learn more about Jess and all of our LFY teachers. Throughout the school year, kids… Read more »

Yoga for Common Childhood Challenges

Childhood today is filled with challenges, stressors and obstacles that can be overwhelming for parents and children alike. We want to support our kids and keep them safe and healthy, but without overprotecting, over-medicating or stigmatizing them. Yoga offers families an effective tool to address many of the most difficult concerns during the school age… Read more »

Kids Reading Recommendation (and great gift!): Visiting Feelings

This gorgeous book is a wonderful holiday gift for the children in your life. I am considering buying an extra copy, so I can cut it apart and frame the pages in my daughters room!  Author Lauren Rubenstein is an amazing part of the Yoga Service community, and is donating book proceeds to Go Give… Read more »

Reading Recommendation: Learning to Breathe

Reading Recommendation: Learning to Breathe, Patricia C. Broderick I had the good fortune this weekend of spending some time with author and creator of the Learning to Breathe program, Patricia Broderick, at the Garrison Institute's Mindfulness in Education: Cultivating the Social and Emotional Competencies of Educators Symposium. Patricia's work is thoughtful and her mindulness program for adolescents… Read more »

Resource Recommendation: Yoga Skills for Kids and Teens DVD

Check out this amazing resource from our friends at Shanti Generation! Partner yoga for teens builds healthy relationship and communication skills, and fosters a strong sense of community in your classes. Abby Wills is a wonderful teachers, and we are thrilled that this dvd is out there in the world. It includes ten 5 minute… Read more »

Recommended Reading: Brainstorm

I just pre-ordered my copy of Dan Siegel's newest book, Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain. Pre-ordering the book gives you access to a brainstorm video, and of course insures that you get it asap! Dan's work has had a tremendous impact on the work of LFY, and I can't wait to… Read more »

Back to Basics Reading Recommendation

As we all get back into the swing of the school year, it seems like a good time to brush up on the fundamentals. This year we have added a fantastic new resource to our required reading list of our Children's Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training course. 30 Essential Yoga Poses, by Judith Lasater, is… Read more »

Contemplative Education Database

We are so happy to be a part of the Garrison Institute's newly launched, free, publically accessible database of contemplative teaching and learning programs. Users can search the database according to program characteristics such as location, contemplative approach, and target audience. For example, a teacher in New Jersey could use the database to search for… Read more »